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What is a FibroScan®

The FibroScan liver exam, is a noninvasive pain-free test used to measure the amount of stiffness and fat of the liver accurately. Liver stiffness, helps your provider to determine the best course of treatment and can assist in the monitoring of your liver condition.

How to prepare for your FibroScan® exam


No food or drink prior to the exam, Fast for at least 3 hours before your examination.

What to Wear

Wear a loose fitting shirt that will allow access to the right side of your rib cage.

How long will it take?

The examination typically takes 10-15 minutes to perform. Please plan to spend about 30-45 minutes at the clinic.

During the Exam

You will be asked to lie down on your back with your right arm raised and tucked behind your head. A clinician will place a probe, similar to an ultrasound probe, on your side near where your liver is. The probe sends painless vibrations through your body into your liver, measuring the velocity, or how fast the vibration travels through the liver. The faster the vibration, the stiffer the liver.

After your Exam

After the exam you may eat and drink as usual and continue your daily activities. There is no down time or recovery period needed after a FibroScan®. A study investigator or physician will interpret the FibroScan® report and review the results with you.

Who Should not receive a FibroScan®

If you have an implanted electrical device, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator or if you are pregnant.

Patients with insulin pumps may have a FibroScan® as long as the electronic part is removed before the exam

What are the risks of FibroScan®

there are no risks in having a FibroScan®

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